USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7 ,8, 10 + MAC

USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows, 7, 8, 10 + MAC USB disks, such as pen drives, external disks that are hard memory card readers are prevalent forms of portable storage. The difficulty is, they can expose home and office PCs to specific risks such as computer viruses, unauthorized data duplication, etc. USB Security Suite is the toolset that is ultimate eliminate protection risks associated with USB disks.USB Security Suite immediately scans USB disks when attached to your pc to avoid viruses from infecting your system. It entirely analyzes autorun files and warns you if they’re suspicious, and offers quick options to take actions that are essential only.

USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7,8, 10 + MAC

USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7 ,8, 10 + MAC

USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7,8, 10 + MAC

USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows protects any programs that are malicious to attack via USB drive. It gives the level that is high of against theft and accidental disclosure of private data and prevents unauthorized persons from stealing your computer data. USB Disk Security is the security computer software that is most readily useful to protect offline computer without the need for signature updates. This light and easy to make use of option would be appropriate along with other antivirus software and doesn’t slow your computer down at all
USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7 ,8, 10 + MAC

  • Remove autorun viruses
  • Autorun Remover immediately scans any USB disk attached to your pc, eliminates autorun viruses to avoid them from distributing. Unlike similar tools, it thoroughly analyzes autorun files and warns you if they’re suspicious and offers quick options to take actions that are necessary. Disinfecting connected USB drives can happen automatically if you choose so. In other words, it is merely like an offline antivirus that detects and removes autorun viruses easily.
  • Monitor USB ports and log drive activity
  • You’ll monitor USB drives activity, with Activity Logger. By watching USB ports, it logs USB connect, disconnect, copy, delete, rename, etc. with date and time. Find out what other individuals or programs do on your system, and stop data theft from USB drives.
  • USB Security Suite could be the item that is just the market that can monitor MTP products such as instance Android smartphones and digital cameras. Therefore even if someone tries to copy your files being confidential their mobile phone, it is logged.
  • The software can email task logs automatically at desired intervals. An option to save records to file automatically can be available.
  • Disable USB ports
  • Lock USB ports with one click. You can block all USB drives and avoid people from stealing your data which can be valuable. You can unlock USB ports whenever however it needs a password that is predefined.
  • Immunize USB drives
  • Safeguard your USB drives, flash memories and external disks which are hard against autorun viruses permanently. Immunizer protects USB drives from infections, even them to an infected PC if you link.
  • Improve protection of the network
  • By automatically sending/saving USB tracking logs for further analysis, you will know when a user has illegally duplicated information that is corporate a USB drive. The Activity Log provides date and time, file name and the trail it was copied to, username and path that is original of a file (if possible).

Bottom Line
USB Disk Security is a great option, especially if you often connect products from other users to your pc or if many different people use the machine that is same. Its other features make a bonus that is nice well, and the program is free to download and use.
You might also want to lock, or even password protect all USB ports across your enterprise network. Here is the device that’s right that! It is possible to deploy USB Security Suite to hundreds of devices with an MSI that is the personalized installer.
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USB Disk Safety
USB Disk Security’s primary function would be to protect your computer from viruses and spyware which could enter through a USB that is the connected unit. But it does so much more than that. With a whole suite of protective features included, this system offers an answer that is excellent numerous of your security concerns.

  • USB security: When you connect a USB drive to your computer, this program automatically scans it to produce sure it is perhaps not bringing any programs that are undesirable it. Anything suspect is stuck in Quarantine, where a look can be taken by you at it and decide whether it is a threat or perhaps not. You could use the app to secure your USBs by incorporating password protection and access control if you lose your device so you can be sure nobody can access your data.
  • URL scanner: There is also some Web that is excellent security included in this system. One of these brilliant may be the URL Scanner, which lets you enter any URL to see if it’s a safe one to go to, which means you don’t endanger your computer while browsing.


  • Terrible help: The Help file that is included with this program is a jumble of information, plus it doesn’t always complement with what you see on your screen that is own if the app. While the app’s interface is straightforward enough it could be nice to possess a useful reference when problems arise since well which you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the features you’re searching for.

USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7,8, 10 + MAC is here

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USB Security Suite 2018 For Windows,7,8, 10 + MAC
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