TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download

TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download is an application that is helpful provides you with a safe and secure way to backup and transfer all of your content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad.With TouchCopy you can save your music, playlists, podcasts, applications, videos, and message data from your own iPod, iPhone or iPad to your drive that is hard directly back it to iTunes, merely and solely.TouchCopy gathers the data from album art, ranks, play counts and other song information also.
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TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download

TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download

TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download

TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code is the critical solution which delivers a straightforward and safe method to transfer and backup all iPod, iPhone, and content that is iPad. You save your music, playlists, podcasts and videos from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your hard disk drive or straight into iTunes, during the touch of a button if you recently replaced your computer or a recovering after a hard drive failure, TouchCopy lets. It additionally transfers your album art, ratings, play counts and other song data. Music and video may be played through even some type of computer without the need to have iTunes installed.
TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download

  • TouchCopy lets you view and copy your iDevice Photos to your personal computer, including photos and videos were taken on your device’s camera.
  • You can save your games and Apps from your iPod, iPad or iPhone to your computer or directly right back into your iTunes library.
  • You conserve your SMS, MMS, iMessages and WhatsApp conversations as HTML files and even saves the images sent in the talks as JPEGs if you wish to help keep your iPhone messages safe, TouchCopy conveniently allows.
  • People who like to combine work with leisure will find the capacity to manage and copy iPod, iPhone, and notes that are iPad contacts, calendars useful too.
  • Current updates also added the power to transfer iBooks, Voice Memos, Call logs, Bookmarks and Call History.
  • TouchCopy works with all models of iPod, iPhone, and iPad and it is compatible with devices iOS4 that is running iOS5, iOS6, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, iOS10 and iOS 11.
  • The program is available in English, French, German, Spanish and languages that are Japanese. It is frequently updated to enhance the feature set and the product upgrades, as well as friendly customer support, are supplied free.

TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download
Overall, TouchCopy 2018 has an interface that is slightly clunky a sluggish to reasonable transfer speed(based upon your PC). On the side that is, and it also provides you with a visible report of just what information happens to be copied and what hasn’t. The product range of data that may be transferred is relatively extensive, considering the total amount of various kinds of data that can be saved on a device that is iOS. Not only will you transfer image, application and music data,

  • It is possible to make use of
  • Does maybe not require synchronizations
  • Allow to draw out any file
  • Allows utilizing iPod or iPhone as an outside drive that is hard


  • Does not enable folders that are synchronizing[/custom_list]

TouchCopy 2018 Registration Code Download is here

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