Tiny Media Manager 3 Full Version Free Download for windows

Tiny Media Manager 3:

Tiny Media Manager is a full-featured media manager for organizing and clearing your media library. A small Media Manager gets all the necessary Moviemeter and more. Artists such as Fanart, Poster, Clarett, Desert, Logos, and more can be downloaded Find a list of available subtitles for your movies at open captions. You need at least Java 1.7 to run TinyMedia Media Manager.


Tiny Media Manager 3 Full Version Free Download for windows

Tiny Media Manager 3 With Product Key Free Download


Description :

Tiny Media Manager sets represent movies that have some relation to each other. Just think of the Harry Potter Collection: it includes all the Harry Potter movies. Tiny Media Manager helps you organize your videos into movie sets. Movie sets can be used if you intend to hold things that are interconnected. For example, you can store the Lord of the Circles store. Besides, you can set up artwork and automatically assign movies to a movie set. You can import the file structure of your TV shows and find episode and season information by file/directory names. Besides, you can access metadata and artwork, manually Tiny Media Manager modify metadata, and also write XBMC compliant NFOs. All in all, Tiny Media Manager gives you a complete set of features to help you manage your movie repository and gather information from online sources. On the downside, the tool consumes CPU and memory to interfere with the overall performance of the computer.


  • Subtitle added for TV shows.
  • MI: Submit the title and original file creation date.
  • Tasked image cache task to use all CPUs.
  • Reworked Caroling for better caching.
  • Episodes: Write valid XML headers.
  • The show title is now in the x show title in episode NFO.
  • Logging enhancement.
  • Delete x of old backup files.
  • Redesigned Correct NFO Diagnosis.
  • Don’t undo search (stop NPE) x Kodi RPC: Better matching.
  • Update filters about data transformation in the TV show tree.
  • Switched window management to system style.
  • Repainted the new indicator.
  • Straight Numbers (Rating, Size,…) Right-Sided – Movie / TV Show Tab.
  • Stop some movement.
  • Fixed NPE in image labels.
  • The X-Force overwrites the acting image again.
  • Import V2 data resources from backup.


Keygen :

  • Fixed the URL on the donation page.
  • Don’t delete a rating in the X editors with 0 votes.
  • Display Set Certificate in Editors.
  • It is improving image cache for artist artwork.
  • Init dummy episodes through offset.
  • Try to use system-to-date settings for UI displays.
  • Create renaming instances when activating X season specials.
  • Press x to be presented in the filenames.
  • Use an individual comparison to sort the original title.
  • Feature: British English UI Language (basic for date formatting.
  • Changed the header icon for the X certification.
  • Always check the answer;) Yes / No vs. True / False.
  • Upgrade to the latest official get-down snapshot.
  • Introducing X-Reactor Audio Channels String-> IntS “Default”.
  • Main video file = the largest video file.
  • MediaInfo: Fix channel regulation for different MI versions.
  • Prevent the X season from joining twice.
  • Replace the x with respect ASCII with the first honors.
  • Remove dry seasons on the fly.
  • A fixed date added.


  • Get subtitles and closed captions.
  • Find a list of available subtitles for your movies at open captions dot org.
  • Edit Metadata.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results of the rough, you can manually change all the metadata/artwork/trailer.
  • Rename movie files.
  • TinyMedia Manager helps you organize your file structure.
  • You can rename your movie files and folder files to suit your needs.
  • Powerful search
  • In TinyMedia Media Manager, you can find, organize, and filter movies by many standards. This allows you to access the videos you are looking for quickly.
  • Create NFOs.
  • TinyMedia Manager will produce Kodi and Media Portal compatible NFOs, as well as import NFOs, wrote.
  • Tools (such as Ibermedia Manager). This will make it easier to migrate to TenMedia Manager.
  • Extract media information
  • The Medinfo library is used to extract technical metadata from your movie files.
  • Bitrates, audio channels.
  • Movie set management
  • Prepare a movie set.


Highly Compressed:

In media, the Tiny Media Manager is a portable freeware media management tool for keeping your movies in organized collections, finding TV shows and episodes in subdirectories, and setting up artwork for movie sets.
You can get artwork from ArtWorksTV and use scrap metadata trailers for your collection.


The ability to Tiny Media Manager straighten out technical metadata from the movies in your collection. Available immediately. Discover powerful search, sorting, and filtering along with season/episode details for TV shows. Tiny Media Manager will also allow you to further personalize your collection by renaming both movies and their related folders, making the organization faster and easier.

Product Keys:

  • 2w3e-4t6y7u8ioi-uytrew22w
  • 3e4t8-i90o98y6t-42ww3e4ti
  • u7t5r-4467ui9o9-i8uy6te3w


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