RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware Full Version

RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack which is another tool to remove viruses from your computer.  Roguekiller v12 is advance and unrestricted application that first examine your pc and then identifies the threat and then repairs all the impacts that the virus produces in your computer and then eliminates the virus from your PC.

RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware Full Version

RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware
Roguekiller v12 Crack is a program which is used for the safety and can help to stop and remove the malicious practices programs from your computer. It has the capability to eradicate the toxicities form your pc like the anti-spyware programs which forces us to download a specific program that is harmful to your computer.

  • Nowadays the world is growing so fastly and technology is developing rapidly but the safety is the biggest problem of the day for the internet and computer users and in the result we have an application offered to you which is very helpful for the protection of data from the scammer’s, so everybody requires the further  safety for their computers and desire the stable antivirus clarifications to preserve their  computers free from harmful products. Roguekiller v12 Download is the best solution for them.
  • Roguekiller v12 Free is such a software which is not integrated with any other program or an organization. It is the tool which supports the progressive and innovative customers to delete the suspicious activities and contagious for their systems. This software is now used for restoration and repairing of the programs of your coordinated files which are attacked by rootkits and hidden files.
  • Now the Roguekiller v12 Download is introduced with the premium version that offers the relatively a few additional features that hold you some extra safe and permits you to modify the action of the programs. This version gives you permission to change the skin program and has auto updates of the programs

RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware Full Version

RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware
Features of RogueKiller v12 Crack License Key:

  • Avoids From Rootkits: This software disables the tools which helps other hijackers to take control of your pc
  • Blocks Spyware: Roguekiller v12 Anti Malware disables that software which is being used to get information about victims computer from their hard drive.
  • Blocks Adware: It blocks that suspicious software that robotically installs the previewed software in the background and makes the threat of theft.
  • Removes Junkware: It automatically removes junk file are created or junk of other software which are used occasionally and uses battery, space, and slowdowns the speed of the computer.
  • Deletes the PUPs: As mentioned above it detects the Potentially Unwanted Programs and deletes them in a while so they would not prove to be harmful to your computer.
  • Blocks Hidden Processes: It stops the processes which use the battery on your laptops and Pc’s this software are blocked because they slowdowns the internet speed and effects the speed of your computer.
  • Ransomware’s: It helps us with the problems of Ransomware. Ransomware is such a problem in which hackers hack our accounts and demands money and sometimes they get the bank account’s codes to get all the money
  • Languages: This is standalone software which is now being offered in more than 12 languages around the world.
  • Removes malware
  • Kills the malware amenities
  • It has the capability to unhide the shortcuts hidden by FakeHDD
  • Kills the running processes in the background
  • It has the ability to repair the DNS hijackers and proxy hijackers
  • Unpacks the malicious DLLs from the practices
  • Kills the malware autorun entries

RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware

What’s New in RogueKiller v12?

  • In the older version, the working of MD5 file stopped by a hanging problem and it is now fixed
  • Sometimes the configuration is vanished or changed in the chrome but now it is also fixed
  • The recognition mode is added to the latest version
  • In older versions, the extension is chrome is removed automatically but it is fixed
  • Some bugs are fixed

Operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Server 2003
  • Vista
  • 7
  • 8
  • Server 2008
  • 8.1
  • 10
  • It is for both versions 32-bit and 64-bit

Point of according

We have tested this software which named as RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 in our labs In the whole test time the software stayed cool and did not cause any hanging in the system.  It showed us very flat behavior through all the runtime. The users must be very thankful to its programmers who have launched the best software with an amazing interface that is very easy to understand. Once it is installed in the system then it is its own ability to do its job very well y detecting the threats.


  • It absolutely scans very rapidly actually it completes its scanning under 5 minutes.
  • It works at that peak where others are failed to work but it works constantly
  • Great User interface
  • Good graphics
  • Great product to remove suspicious activities and processes that are irritating to the user


  • Beware of updates because clicking on update’s button this app will force you to download the BearShare and other waste materials which are wastage of time.
  • It runs only manually not automatically.

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RogueKiller Majorgeeks v12 Crack License Key Anti-malware Full Version
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