OkMap 13.8.2 Portable + Crack [Mac + win]

OkMap 13.8.2 Portable + Crack [Mac + win]

OkMap 13.8.2
OkMap 13.8.2 crack A lot of people would rather determine a path that is particular making on vacation or before starting some activities that are outside hiking or going on a family journey in the middle of nature.
OkMap 13.8.2 portable software application like OkMap could be the device you will need to produce your custom path should you be looking for making a personalized map and opt for a road to follow along with to a destination that is sure.
OkMap 13.8.2 is a software that is interactive allows you to work with web maps to your pc screen or electronic plans which you have either bought or scanned. OkMap may additionally import data that are vectorial probably the most formats that are standard DEM data appropriate to height information.
OkMap 13.8 crack also can import data which are vectorial the absolute most platforms that are typical to height information.Through these maps, you can organize your paths by producing waypoints, stations, and tracks in your computer monitor, and upload this data to your GPS. OkMap sets automatically altitude information, and estimates travel times
OkMap also allows you to preview Bing Maps and Google Earth, that will be particularly useful when you need to work in 3D.
Graphics support files are included. In ECW, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF formats. Into the case that is filled with records, we could effortlessly read GFW, JGW, PGW, TFW, BPW, ECW, GeoTiff, OziExplorer, CompeGps, GPS TrackMaker, GPSTuner.

  • it had been the manufacturing of track statistics and track graphs and others features which is numerous.
  • Through these maps, it is possible to arrange your paths by producing waypoints, tracks, and tracks in your pc that is a monitor that is individual upload this provided information to your GPS.
  • Numerous people elect to choose a course that is undoubtedly escaping or before you start some tasks that are outside climbing or place that is taking home group team journey in the midst of nature.
  • Energy like OkMap will be the system you need to produce your path that is personalized merely you are looking for creating a map that is individualized determine for the program to follow up to a destination that is for sure.
  • OkMap sets altitude data automatically, and estimates travel times.
  • Also, OkMap gives you automobile routing and functions that are geocoding.
  • Data obtained by the GPS could be downloaded on your individual computer
  • viewing 3D raster maps on Google Earth (for supported image formats)
  • Representation of coordinates in: degrees, degrees-minutes, degrees-minutes-seconds, UTM, ECEF, Georef,
  • Capacity to add internet that is brand new is personalized servers
  • Within the suite, you’ll get yourself a navigation system with offline maps and maps that are internet maps install from map servers
  • It’s creation of custom intends to utilize with your GPS, design of tracks for any map GPS, navigation having a compass
  • Display maps that are hybrid raster information that is are vectorial
  • capability to maps that are available are wide ranging
  • 10 cartographic projections of probably the absolute most utilized
  • It showed and stored about the maps and be correctly used to additionally produce several kinds of information.

Night Vision

  • Display maps that could be vectorial
  • Database with increased than 700 datum
  • show maps which are internet longer than 40 servers
  • Calibration / display raster maps (over 30 image platforms) (video)
  • Database with more than 3000 predefined projections by geographic area
  • US National Grid, British Grid (Ordnance Survey National Grid), Irish Grid, matric coordinates with personalized projections.


  • Help for GPS devices: you can link it to your computer via laptop to aswell import GPS data as seeing your area that is local in the event you occur to obtain a standalone GPS receiver.
  • This software that is pc an all-in-one solution whenever it concerns map creation that is electronic.
  • Google Maps integration: a feature that is excellent the capability to import vector information from
  • Create a map from scratch: With OkMap and information being natural, you’ll create an electronic that is full-featured with different views, points of good interest, roads, etc.
  • Even although the import includes actions that are few it plainly is no chance that is real or cumbersome.
  • Google Maps right to your item and makes usage from it become a standard.
  • regrettably, you shall almost probably not have the capacity to link your smartphone towards the program use that is going to phone’s GPS


  • the curve that is high is learning The software is complex.
  • Outdated design: while you check out the software that is a toolbar that is you’ll that is pc studied back once more to the completion times of Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows 2000.

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