LameXP 4.16.2058 Crack + Portable [Latest] Free F

LameXP 4.16.2058 Crack + Portable [Latest] Free Download

LameXP 4.16.2058 crack is a graphical UI for different sound encoders: it enables you to change your sound records starting with one sound organization then onto the next in the most effortless way. In spite of its name, which at one time was applicable, the program now underpins an extensive variety of yield positions, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Creation, AAC/MP4, FLAC, ac 3 and Wave Sound. All encoders or decoders are implicit. This implies you can change over an immense number of sound documents, for instance, a full collection or even the whole music accumulation. The program takes the full preferred standpoint of the capacities of present-day multi-center processors and furnishes prevalent sound quality with the most recent variants of coders.

Supported Formats

Output Formats (Encoders)
Currently, following output formats “audio encoders” are supported by LameXP 4.16.2058:

  • Ogg Vorbis by, utilizing the OggEnc2/libvorbis encoder with aoTuV [built-in]
  • Creation Intuitive Sound Codec by and Mozilla, utilizing the Creation Apparatuses [built-in]
  • MPEG Sound Layer III (MP3), utilizing the Weak encoder [built-in]
  • Propelled Sound Coding (AAC), utilizing Nero AAC or QAAC encoder [separate download]
  • Free Lossless Sound Codec FLAC) [built-in]
  • ATSC A/52 (otherwise known as “air conditioning 3”) utilizing the Aften encoder [built-in]
  • DCA, utilizing the DCA Enc encoder programming (still test) [built-in]
  • Uncompressed PCM/Waveform Sound Record (WAV/RIFF)
  • Configurations Information (Decoders)

Currently following input formats (audio decoders) are supported by LameXP 4.16.2058:

  • Ac 3 (ATSC A/52), utilizing Valib decoder [built-in]
  • Propelled Sound Coding (AAC), utilizing FAAD decoder [built-in]
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC) [built-in]
  • Avisynth, sound just [requires Avisynth 2.5.x to be installed]
  • WavPack Half breed Lossless Sound [built-in] before support of GCC 7.2.0
  • Windows Media Sound (WMA), utilizing wma2wav [built-in] before support of GCC 7.2.0


  • Overhauled fabricate condition to Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 before LameXP v4.16
  • Refreshed before support of GCC 7.2.0
  • Refreshed Lpg Encoder to v3.100 Last (2017-10-13), accumulated with ICL 18.0 and MSVC 14.1. Mpg123 decoder to v1.25.7 (2017-09-25), gathered with GCC 7.2.0 Refreshed Creation encoder or decoder libraries to v1.2.1 (2017-07-26) and Creation Apparatuses to v0.1.10 (2017-05-25)
  • Refreshed MediaInfo to v0.7.98 (2017-08-08), accumulated with ICL 17.0 and MSVC 12.0
  • Refreshed GnuPG to v1.4.22 (2017-07-19), accumulated with GCC 7.2.0
  • Enhanced auto-identification of max. parallel occurrences on PCs with the SSD (or publicists Select Comparable) drive

Release Info

  1. Year: 2017
    OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
    Interface: Multilingual / Russian
    Treatment: Free (30 days before the upgrade version)
    Size: 29 MB

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