Awesome Miner Free Edition Crack + Full Version Free Download

Awesome Miner Free Edition

Awesome Miner Free Edition comes with an integrated web interface, which allows you to access the program from any workstation, smartphone, or tablet. You can create and manage accounts for different users who can access the web interface. Specific permissions can be assigned to each user.

Awesome Miner Free Edition Crack + Full Version Free Download:

Awesome Miner Free Edition Crack + Full Version Free Download


Awesome Miner comes with a set of predefined rules that can be used, but you also have the option to create your own custom rules to completely control mining activities. The program can monitor and detect slow extraction processes, high temperatures, disconnected miners, or suspended miners. Miners can be restarted automatically whenever necessary. Besides, the program will allow you to see the notifications in its graphical interface. You can set the utility to notify you via email or webhook whenever an event occurs.


Awesome Miner Free EditionĀ is available that allows you to interact with the program and control the mining process from external applications. Also, the integrated C # scripting engine allows you to create your scripts for performing and monitoring pool and mining operations.


Awesome Miner allows you to view all your currently running miners along with their performance, energy consumption, profit, and revenue statistics. You can also see the mining history and generate detailed graphs. CSV data can be exported to Excel for better analysis and processing. Plus, you can quickly apply predefined configurations to your miners using templates.


  • We’ve covered some of the best mining software for managing and
  • Monitoring mining tricks a while back, and it’s time to mention it again.
  • This Windows application allows you to monitor.
  • manage multiple mining veins that can be mined to various crypto coins.
  • Even with an automatic profit switching functionality.
  • Dual Ethereum Minor in Killmore.
  • Support is also available for all popular mining algorithms.
  • It quark, whirlpools, black2. B, LBRY, Decred, and Ethereum.
  • The main purpose of the Awesome Miner software is to simplify
  • Mining management, with some useful features for small-scale.
  • Domestic mining as well as large-scale mining operations.
  • This software can manage up to 5000 miners from one user interface.


  • Awesome Miner can be used to manage.
  • Monitor cryptocurrency mining operations.
  • It is designed for large scale mining, supports up to 200,000 ASIC miners, and 25,000 GPU / CPU miners.
  • Real-time monitoring of consumption.
  • Revenues simplify profit as much as possible.
  • Its profit switching feature will optimize mining for maximum profitability.
  • On statistics from standard mining pools and multi-coin pools.


  • Awesome is an essential part of the bitcoin protocol.
  • Because without bitcoin mining, we can’t bring new bitcoins into circulation.
  • In the initial phase of bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto extracted.
  • In the initial stage of bitcoins in 2009.
  • The mining difficulty was low, and there were fewer miners.
  • Around 2011, miners started the GPU.
  • The GPU has become popular in the cryptocurrency industry s
  • Compared to the CPU, 1GPU can extract 30 times more quickly.
  • After the improved GPU version introduces FPGA.
  • Straightforward to configure FPGA, which is why it has not been so successful.
  • Finally, in 2013 ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) were introduced.
  • ASIC is designed for mining only compared to CPU.
  • FPGA and could not be used for anything else.


You can download Awesome Miner 6.3.3 from our software library for free. The program covers business tools. The real software developer is IntelliBreeze Software. Our integrated antivirus has verified this download and rated it 100% safe. The current installation file available for download occupies 12.2 MB on disk.


  • When you run Awesome Miner for the first time.
  • The Add Miner Wizard will automatically open.
  • It can also be accessed via the “New Miner” button on the toolbar.
  • In the wizard, select “Network scan.”
  • Enter a range of IP addresses and click “Scan.”
  • Click “Select All” to add all the miners and click followed Finish.
  • If you have the free edition of Awesome Miner, you may receive a question .
  • you want to continue adding miners. Select “Yes” to continue.
  • The free version only supports the monitoring of two miners.
  • Select one or more miners, right-click, and select.
  • Enter the Antminer web username and password.
  • In the Request field.
  • Apply and wait.
  • The Antminers will be restarted once during the process.
  • We covered the Awesome Miner software for managing.
  • Monitoring the mining platforms some time ago.
  • Now is the time to mention it again.

Awesome Miner Free Edition Crack + Full Version Free Download

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